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Alm. Brand facts

The Alm. Brand A/S Group is a Danish financial services group consisting of a listed holding company and a number of subsidiaries operating within non-life insurance, banking and life and pension insurance. In addition, the Group operates an investment business in the ordinary course of its operations.

Our staff of just under 1,600 employees help us generate revenues of approximately DKK 7.5 billion. Half of our employees work at the Copenhagen head office - with the remaining workforce being employed at our offices and branches throughout Denmark.

We emphasise selling our high-quality products in the local market, servicing our customers through our regional and customer offices, insurance agents and Alm. Brand shops throughout Denmark. We also sell our products and services via our website

We focus on competitive prices - without necessarily aiming at being the cheapest provider. We aim to provide our customers with all-inclusive coverage that doesn't overlap, offering claims handling services that meet our customers' confidence.

Alm. Brand af 1792 fmba

Alm. Brand was established by a Royal decree signed by King Christian the Seventh on 29 February 1792. At that time, the objective of Alm. Brand was exclusively to write fire insurance for properties outside Copenhagen and provincial towns.

Our principal objective of providing insurance coverage for the average Dane hasn't changed over the years.

Since inception, Alm. Brand has acquired many different businesses. Some of them are listed below:

1984: Selskabet Nordlyset - which was subsequently renamed Alm. Brand Liv og Pension.
1988: SJL-banken. Was renamed Alm. Brand Bank. Situated in Jutland, SJL-banken was originally named Bonusbanken. This bank had set up a branch in Copenhagen in 1974.
1989: Copenhagen Re. (The Copenhagen Reinsurance Company Ltd.) from 1915.
1996: Aktieselskabet Utrecht.
1999: A controlling interest in Finansieringsselskabet Gefion A/S. Gefion A/S subsequently became the parent company for the Group's financial activities. Today, Gefion A/S has been renamed Alm. Brand A/S.
2000: The Danish activities of Zurich Life Insurance.
2001: Provinzial Danmark, SamLiv and Cykelhandlernes Forsikringsselskab.
2002: Alm. Brand A/S acquired the non-life insurance portfolio from Alm. Brand af 1792 G/S. All activities are now under Alm. Brand A/S, and Alm. Brand af 1792 G/S is transformed into a limited liability association (fmba).
2003: Provinsforsikring merges with Alm. Brand.