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The Alm. Brand A/S Group is a Danish financial services group operating within non-life insurance.

Alm. Brand A/S


The Alm. Brand A/S Group is a Danish financial services group consisting of a listed holding company and a number of subsidiaries operating within non-life insurance. In addition, the Group operates an investment business in the ordinary course of its operations.


Our staff of just under 1,600 employees help us generate revenues of approximately DKK 7.5 billion. Half of our employees work at the Copenhagen head office - with the remaining workforce being employed at our offices and branches throughout Denmark.


We emphasise selling our high-quality products in the local market, servicing our customers through our regional and customer offices and insurance agents throughout Denmark. We also sell our products and services via our website www.almbrand.dk.


We focus on competitive prices - without necessarily aiming at being the cheapest provider. We aim to provide our customers with all-inclusive coverage that doesn't overlap, offering claims handling services that meet our customers' confidence.


We take care of our customers

We take care of our customers

The vision - taking care - implies that we:


  • take an interest in our customers´needs and help them get the necessary understanding and decision-making basis for choosing financial services, 

  • are attentive to our customers as part of our day-to-day routines so they know that we take an interest in them, 

  • help and take care of our customers in the best possible way when they find themselves in a new or unexpected situation. 


Alm. Brand for the Customer defines the group’s strategy for the period until 2022. The overall goal is to create a whole new experience for the group’s customers. This will enable Alm. Brand to take care of the full range of our customers’ financial needs in all three business areas, to be proactive in our advisory service offerings and to offer our customers top of the line solutions tailored specifically to their individual needs and situation. 


The goal is to be able to serve customers wherever and whenever they need it and to give them an overall view of all of their business, providing advice and solutions either through their personal Alm. Brand adviser or through our strong offering of digital self-service options.

The five strategic goals


Very satisfied customers 

The activities and investments envisioned for the next couple of years will be directed at creating unique customer experiences which are perceived by customers as being value creating and simple. The intention is to increase customer satisfaction – as measured using the NPS method – from 42 today to 60. 


High work enjoyment 

Alm. Brand already has a very high employee satisfaction rate and ranks among the best in the industry. As the target rate is 80, the group aims to maintain its high satisfaction rate, even with the major changes the employees will be facing over the course of the strategy period. 


More multiple-service customers 

In order to be able to provide the right advisory services and products and cater to all aspects of a customer’s financial needs at any given time, it is essential that customers place their business in more than one of the group’s business areas. The goal is therefore to increase the number of customers doing business with more than one of Alm. Brand’s business areas from 40,000 today to 60,000. 


Sustained growth 

Not only multiple-service customers but all Alm. Brand customers should have an exceptional customer experience. Supported by this vision, the group aims to grow its business revenue by 4%.


Attractive return on equity 

Focus on creating good customer experiences and attractive growth over the next couple of years is also intended to translate into a higher return to Alm. Brand’s shareholders. Therefore, the target for the group’s return on equity is raised to 12.5% before tax from previously 10%.

Investor Relations and
Press contact 

You are always welcome to contact Alm. Brand's Head of Information and Investor Relations, who will answer your questions regarding the Alm. Brand Group.


Financial reports can be ordered from the Information Department.


We recommend that you use the online version on our website.

You can always find the latest reports and accounts as well as previous annual reports and accounts.


New reports can be found on Alm. Brand's homepage immediately after the announcement on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.


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