Alm. Brand af 1792 fmba

Alm. Brand was established by a Royal decree signed by King Christian the Seventh on 29 February 1792. At that time, the objective of Alm. Brand was exclusively to write fire insurance for properties outside Copenhagen and provincial towns. Our principal objective of providing insurance coverage for the average Dane hasn't changed over the years.


1984 until now

Since inception, Alm. Brand has acquired many different businesses. 

  • 1


    Sale of Alm. Brand Liv og Pension A/S and conclusion of distribution agreement.

  • 2


    Alm. Brand acquires the insurance company Codan Denmark

  • 3


    Sale of Alm. Brand Bank to Sydbank.

  • 4


    Provinsforsikring merges with Alm. Brand.

  • 5


    Alm. Brand A/S acquired the non-life insurance portfolio from Alm. Brand af 1792 G/S. All activities are now under Alm. Brand A/S, and Alm. Brand af 1792 G/S is transformed into a limited liability association (fmba).

  • 6


    Provinzial Danmark, SamLiv and Cykelhandlernes Forsikringsselskab.

  • 7


    The Danish activities of Zurich Life Insurance.

  • 8


    A controlling interest in Finansieringsselskabet Gefion A/S. Gefion A/S subsequently became the parent company for the Group's financial activities. Today, Gefion A/S has been renamed Alm. Brand A/S.

  • 9


    Aktieselskabet Utrecht.

  • 10


    Copenhagen Re. (The Copenhagen Reinsurance Company Ltd.) from 1915.

  • 11


    SJL-banken. Was renamed Alm. Brand Bank. Situated in Jutland, SJL-banken was originally named Bonusbanken. This bank had set up a branch in Copenhagen in 1974.

  • 12


    Selskabet Nordlyset - which was subsequently renamed Alm. Brand Liv og Pension.

Alm. Brand af 1792 fmba 

Alm. Brand af 1792 is the majority shareholder of the listed company Alm. Brand A/S. 


All non-life insurance customers of Alm. Brand A/S automatically become members of the Alm. Brand af 1792 fmba and, as such, are co-owners of the Group. 


All members of Alm. Brand af 1792 fmba are eligible as members of and are entitled to vote in elections for the Committee of Representatives pursuant to the association's rules. 


The Committee of Representatives is the supreme decision-making authority of the association. The Committee of Representatives is elected by and among the non-life insurance customers. 


The Committee of Representatives is chaired by Jørgen Hesselbjerg Mikkelsen. 

The board of directors

The board of directors consists of five members of elected by and among the members of the Committee of Representatives. In addition, board of directors includes three members elected by and among the employees. 


The board of directors is chaired by Jørgen Hesselbjerg Mikkelsen. 



Members of the board of directors


  • Jørgen Hesselbjerg Mikkelsen, Chairman
  • Jan Skytte Pedersen, Deputy Chairman
  • Boris Nørgaard Kjeldsen
  • Per Frandsen
  • Tina Schmidt Madsen


  • Lotte Kathrine Sørensen, Employee Representative
  • Claus Nexø Jensen, Employee Representative 
  • Brian Egested, Employee Representative

Management Board


Rasmus Werner Nielsen

Date of birth: 26.06.1969

Appointed to the Management Board in 2019
Employed with Alm. Brand since 2017

Education: MSc in Business Economics and Auditing