Alm. Brand Forsikring is a part of Alm. Brand A/S which is a Danish financial services group consisting of a listed holding company and a number of subsidiaries operating within non-life insurance.



Alm. Brand Forsikring is the fourth-largest non-life insurer in Denmark. We offer a broad range of insurance products targeting the personal, commercial and agricultural segments.

We have about 400,000 customers, equal to a market share of about 10%.


At Alm. Brand, our goal is to have satisfied customers with whom we can develop long-term business relations. We base our business on the concept of "ordinary common sense" and strive to be known as a trustworthy, reliable and fair insurance company. To achieve these goals, we focus mainly on ordinary people in all customer segments throughout the country. Through this approach we are able to implement standard working procedures and standardise our products, thereby reducing our administrative costs.


Focused on providing service where the customer needs it, Alm. Brand Forsikring maintains strong local representation through employees and business partners. We are working to make our existing sales channels even more efficient and are focusing on internet-based self-serve functionality.