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Ambitious digital students

You don’t need to know every part of our current tech stack or have years of experience. What’s important is that you have a basic experience in developing, you like to learn new things and know how to leverage your experience across technology stacks and languages. See below for examples of where we see a good fit.

Working in Alm. Brand

Working in Alm. Brand

Working in Alm. Brand has several benefits like flexible hours, a killer canteen and nice colleagues. Work 10-15 hours per week, even from home. Experience a large company servicing real people. Alm. Brand works with cutting-edge technologies, allowing you to evolve your skillset and level up your career.



Experience personal and professional growth - gather useful experience



Enjoy working with likeminded people and receiving constructive feedback



Distribute your time as you see fit - downscale around exam times

Get in touch

If any of our positions peaked your interest, let us know! No strings attached. You are welcome to include your CV, application, or any relevant websites.